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halstoween or customs [05 Oct 2017|05:48pm]


hey hey i'm halston aaaaand i'm trying to get into horror movies, tis the season, right? what's your favorite? what will change my life? i've seen basically just the conjuring so i'm ready to get started
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i'll be your biggest supporter celeb [08 Oct 2020|12:50pm]

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mattsters inc or customs [05 Oct 2017|02:31am]


i'm matt and i think i'm so tired that i don't even have anything witty to say. so tell me, who wants to be friends instead and who can i bug until i pass out?
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chrizy heart or customs! [03 Oct 2017|03:01pm]


[ music | are you family oriented? how many kids do you want? ]

i'm chris and i know you have a story involving a microwave. do tell.

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